Weekly Space Hangout: 17-NOV-2021 — Merger-Triggered Core-Collapse Supernovae w/Dillon Dong, CalTech

This week we are excited to welcome CalTech graduate student Dillon Dong to the WSH. Dillon was the lead investigator in a study that determined that a bright radio flare discovered in data collected by the Very Large Array (VLA) Sky Survey in 2017 was the result of a black hole or neutron star crashing into its companion star in a never-before-seen process. Read More

Weekly Space Hangout: November 10, 2021 — Studying Stellar Nurseries and Nebulae Using 3D Printed Models with Dr. John Forbes

This week we are excited to welcome Dr. John Forbes to the Weekly Space Hangout. John is a theoretical and computational astrophysicist at the Flatiron Institute, a division of the Simons Foundation, in New York City. He studies how galaxies and stars form using supercomputer simulations, statistical modeling, and machine learning. John recently collaborated with Dr. Nia Imara from UC Santa Cruz and James Weaver from Harvard to develop a series of nine models that incorporate the three forces that govern how stellar nurseries are formed: turbulence, gravity, and magnetic fields. Using these models, they have 3D printed colorized nebulae “marbles” that visually represent the filaments and other material found in star forming regions. Read More