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Last updated on March 6, 2016

To make the community more readable, we have set up a few categories and we ask every member to use the appropriate “subforums” for their posts. Unfortunately Google+ does not support giving categories detailed descriptions, so here they are:

  • Space News »  Share your favorite stories about current Space and Astronomy News.
  • Other Science News »  Share your favorite stories about other Science news.
  • CosmoQuest »  Information and news related to all aspects of CosmoQuest.
  • Hangouts & other live Broadcasts »  Links to our favorite hangouts and similar live broadcasts, including, of course, the WSH! This is also the place to post recorded versions of live Hangouts.
  • Videos, Podcasts & other Media »  A place to share any recorded media like Youtube videos, podcasts and other – except recorded Hangouts, which go into their own category.
  • Space Imagery »  A place for all pictures taken from space – think Cassini or New Horizons!
  • Astrophotography »  All ground-based Astrophotography – post your own images here, too!
  • Science Education & Discussions »  Links to education material as well as a place to ask questions and discuss scientific hypotheses and theories.
  • Science Art, Literature & Play »  A place for science-related artwork, books and games both analogue and digital.
  • Science Fiction »  Discuss Science Fiction books, movies, songs, etc.
  • Reviews » Space and science related long-form reviews, preferably self-written, but links are acceptable within limits.
  • Nostalgia »  A place for us “old folk” to reminisce about old-school technology, or “how things used to be” in general.
  • The Watering Hole »  A place to share stories, links, etc., that do not fit anywhere else.
  • The Photo Booth »  A place for all photography away from astronomy and space. If you share photos that are not your own, please include credit back to the original photographer.
  • WSH Crew Personal Logs »  Introduce yourself to your fellow Crew members by telling us a little bit about yourself.
  • Administrivia »  The boring, run of the mill stuff and announcements necessary when running a community.