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Here are all the links to our Hangout-related pages in one central place – browse around and find treasures of live and archived Hangouts and everything about the people who make them!

Hangout Calendar & Schedules
» Hangout Calendar – A Google Calendar with all the Hangouts we follow – regularly updated
» Schedule Index 2016-2017 Season – This is the currently active and always updated page
» Schedule Index 2015-2016 Season – Archive from the previous Season
» Schedule Index 2014-2015 Season – Archive from the previous Season

Youtube Channels & Playlists Quick Index
» Astronomy Cast | Playlist
» Learning Space | Playlist
» Weekly Space Hangout | Playlist
More Hangouts and Playlists are in the current Schedule Index!

Journalist & Guest Lists
» The Weekly Space Hangout Journalist Index – A list with all the contributing Journalists of the WSH
» The Weekly Space Hangout Guest Index – All the guests which have appeared
» The Learning Space Guest Index – This will be created at some time in the future

» The Weekly Space Hangout Viewer Map – A map with the locations of the WSH (and other Cosmoquest Hangouts) viewers
» The CosmoQuest Hangoutathon Archive – A page with the video indexes of all three Hangoutathons