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From 2013 to 2015, our friends from the citizen science project CosmoQuest held annual fundraisers in the form of Hangoutathons, which were basically Telethons made possible with the technology of Hangouts on Air. All three Hangoutathons were not only hugely successful in terms of donations and helped CosmoQuest survive the years of sequestration and budget cuts, but also resulted in vast amounts of recorded video with many exciting events and guests.

Because of the huge amount of processing involved, only the 2013 Hangoutathon has been edited into separate parts, but there are also detailed index pages with timecoded Youtube links. These pages were first compiled by WSH Crew member Guido Bibra and have now been archived here on this page. Have a look around, pick your favourite topic and watch the science unfold nonstop over 32, 36 and another 36 hours!

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