The WSH Crew Community Website is Live!

Welcome to the WSH Crew Community Support Page!

This website is an addition to the WSH Crew Google+ Community, an awesome place about space, science, and astronomy themed hangouts and related news of all sorts.

We, the moderator team of the community, created this website to keep all the information we could not easily store in the community itself in one place.

This is basically The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the WSH Crew Community.

Here are some quick notes:

  • This website is read-only because we want to keep the conversation in the community.
  • The hangout calendar, schedule list and main page are updated by us as timely as possible.
  • We will rarely post news in this section, if there is something important we will post in the community.
  • If you want to contact us, please do so on Google+ by writing in the community or in a privately shared post.
  • Like the community, this website is still growing and will be expanded over time.
  • You can now also follow us on Twitter at @wshcrew!

That is basically all that is to say for now – we’re looking forward to seeing you all over in the community!

Your WSH Crew Admins Nancy, Guido, Hugo, Silvan & Jim

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