New Journalist & Guest Lists and other Updates

It’s Spring and we’ve done a minor overhaul of the website with some changes and additions:

  • Completely new Journalist and Guest index pages, with lots of links and other information.
  • The old Journalist overview from the Links page is superseded by the new Journalist Index.
  • There’s a new Hangout Central page which now has the links to all Hangout-related sub-pages.
  • The HANGOUTS button in the main menu now goes to Hangout Central, where all links are available. The legacy address will still point to the current schedule index.
  • The CALENDAR link has been replaced by a COMMUNITY link in the main menu. The calendar page is still accessible over Hangout Central and the  legacy short addresses and
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Watching G+ Hangouts on Air has been taken offline because things have changed so much with the switch to the Youtube Livestream format that it was not relevant anymore.
  • The main page subtitle now reads WEB PORTAL instead of SUPPORT PAGE.

That’s all – we hope everybody likes the improvements and we always welcome comments, suggestions and even bug reports over in our community! Please note that some of the internal files of the website has changed and if you see something weird, reload the web page and/or clear your cache because there might be an outdated CSS file in your browser.

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