The WSH Crew Goes Slack

In the last couple of months, we have been trying out a new way of communication behind the scenes of the WSH Crew with Slack, a very powerful messaging and collaboration tool in the style of an IRC chat. Because a moderated Slack channel will be shown on screen in the Weekly Space Hangout and Astronomy Cast from now on, we would now like to invite all community members to the WSH Slack.

Joining the Slack is easy! Just send an email to to receive an invitation with all further details.

We vet each applicant to avoid spammers and trolls. For this reason we ask everyone
to include the Google+ profile you have joined the community with in your request.

Once you have joined, you will have access to the WSH Slack, which not only has the live chat channels for the WSH and Astronomy Cast, but also a general area, a guest suggestion corner, an off-topic channel just for chatting and we may even create more channels as we go along.

The same house rules as in the community also apply in the Slack chat. 

The WSH Slack is not meant to replace our Google+ Community – it is simply an alternate, faster way to communicate with each other and to support the hangouts and projects the WSH Crew is affiliated with. So don’t worry, we will not close down our primary home and will continue to post all the space news, information about the hangouts and more in the Google+ Community!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the community or via email.

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