Learning Space is Back!

CosmoQuest is bringing back the Learning Space online show!

We’d love for you to be a part of it. Starting May 3, we’ll be producing weekly episodes that  go over the news, and both highlight a special guest and introduce an astronomy-related product that we think our audience of astronomy lovers will like.

Our first episode back is Thursday, May 3 at 16:00 UTC, Noon Boston, 5pm London, 9am Vancouver! Our guest will be Fraser Cain, and I’ll be talking to him about how he moved from the world of startups to the world of space.

Episodes will be recorded live on Twitch.tv/CosmoQuestX each Thursday at either Noon Eastern / 16:00 UTC (odd dates) or 9pm Eastern / 01:00 UTC Friday (even dates). They will also be archived on YouTube on our CosmoQuest channel. Our goal is to create a show where people can catch up on the news, be part of an in-depth conversation, and learn about the best products out there for learning and doing astronomy.

The Learning Space Patreon Page is also becoming active again and will start billing pledges monthly starting on June 1st. If you no longer want to support the show with Patreon, we totally understand! Please cancel your account by May 28 so that you don’t accidentally get charged.

We really hope that you will be part of this new show.