The AC500 Weekend is Coming on Sept 15-16, 2018

In case you missed it, the 500th episode of Astronomy Cast is fast approaching and we at the WSH Crew are planning a weekend-long event to help celebrate this milestone with Fraser, Pamela, members of the Crew, and, of course, our loyal viewers.

All fans of Astronomy Cast are invited to join us in Edwardsville, IL, on September 15 & 16 to participate in a special weekend full of science and astronomy-related festivities, culminating in the live recording of the 500th episode of Astronomy Cast.

You’ll meet both Pamela and Fraser, along with folks from the WSH Crew and the CosmoQuest families. As an added bonus, Fraser is planning a special live Q&A episode of one of Universe Today‘s shows.

Show Livestreams for the AC500 Weekend:

Other weekend activities are being discussed and planned, such as fluid painting of tiny planets with Pamela (small additional fee for supplies will apply), and outings to local attractions (guests are responsible for their own admission charges). Weather permitting, there will be stargazing Saturday evening. And who knows, maybe Eddie will make an appearance or two throughout the weekend!