Weekly Space Hangout: September 23, 2020, Col. Terry Virts (USAF-ret.) Tells Us “How to Astronaut”

Terry Virts, one of only four astronauts in history to have piloted a Space Shuttle, flown a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, performed space walks, and commanded the ISS. He’s written HOW TO ASTRONAUT: An Insider’s Guide to Leaving Planet Earth, the book for everyone who wants to know what space travel is really like.

Fun fact: Terry took enough photos while in space to create a book and feature IMAX film “View from Above,” all while doing spacewalks to maintain the ISS and conducting science experiments for NASA scientists on Earth.

Virts is a charismatic speaker, an expert at demystifying the science associated with space travel, and a treasure trove of anecdotes about daily life in space (How do you shower? What do you wear in space? Can you check your email on the ISS?). He’s also a frequent speaker for National Geographic and I’m pleased to share some clips below my signature.

This off-beat and often hilarious collection of short, readable essays is an engaging “travel guide” that engages the reader, demystifies the science associated with space travel without talking down, and regales us with a treasure trove of anecdotes about daily life in space.

You can learn more about Colonel Terry Virts by visiting his website.

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