We Have Lost One of our Own

Message to our community from Pamela:

Today, for the 4th time, one of CosmoQuest’s core tenants was broken: No Death.

It is with sadness and tears that I share that sometime in the past day our dear community member and mod @Paranor001/Tim passed away. He was found by his “Brother” Chris who told me “Just know… it was Natural Causes.”

This community is made of myriad people who are striving to do more, be more, and grow beyond who they are today to become something better. Tim personified this spirit of striving more than anyone else. While struggling with his own demons, he always found a way to try and protect us from the dark corners of the Twitch and Discord communities.

We are all imperfect beings, and over time, Tim became family to many of us. He was always open to a game of Ticket to Ride and went from one of the worst players to one of the best. He was always here for Minecraft and became a streamer in his own right as he shared this game he loved. Like any family member, there were times he was a frustrating pain in the ass, but that didn’t stop many of us from loving him for who he was in his heart and for the growth he showed as a person.

He will be missed, not just for what he did as one of our streamers, mods, and event hosts, but for who he was. I will miss the person who could tell when I was having an off day, and who would deflect tension with laughter and shared music. Our Discord will be quieter without him.

We had been planning to do a Minecraft Solar System Build during this year’s HAT. This was Tim’s idea and we are going to dedicate the event and the build to him and add him to the list of those we honor.

In love and science,

If anyone would like to leave a message of condolence for Paranor’s family or make a donation in his memory, information is available on the White Family Funeral Home website.

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