Weekly Space Hangout: January 13, 2021 — Alberto Caballero: A Potential Source for the WOW! Signal?

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This week we are excited to welcome Alberto Caballero, host of the Exoplanets YouTube channel, to the Weekly Space Hangout. In November 2020, arXiv published his (non-peer reviewed) paper in which Alberto indicates he has narrowed down the source of the August 1977 WOW! signal, and has potentially identified the star where it originated.

Alberto Caballero is a science communicator and host of The Exoplanets Channel. He also coordinates the Habitable Exoplanet Hunting Project, a program intended to find habitable exoplanets, and the SETI Project, aimed at finding extraterrestrial intelligence.

Read Alberto’s paper on arXiv and/or read more about his work in the December 2, 2020, EarthSky.com story.

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