Weekly Space Hangout: June 16, 2021 – Celebrating #BlackInAstro with Ashley Walker

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As we prepare to celebrate #BlackInAstro week, the WSH is excited to welcome Ashley Walker, founder and organizer of #BlackInAstro, to the show.

Ashley Lindalia Walker is a planetary astrochemist and science communicator. She received her BS in Chemistry from Chicago State University, where she became the first astrochemist in the university’s history.

Ashley has interned at Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Her research interests include planetary atmospheres of extraterrestrial planets and moons within our solar system as well as exoplanetary systems. Currently she is a PhD student at Howard University.

She has been featured in an array of interviews which includes Scientific American, BBC America’s “Space Week”, Katie Couric’s “Thank you Notes”, and Faces of NASA. She advocates for students of color and highlights Black scientists during Black History Month. She is also the founder of #BlackInAstro week, co-founder of #BlackInChem and #BlackInPhysics week, a committee member for AAS CSMA and the Women Of Color Project.

Be sure to follow Ashley on Twitter and Instagram.

Don’t forget to visit the Black In Astro website to learn more.

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