About Us

The Weekly Space Hangout Crew was formed in June 2014 when Fraser Cain, host of the Weekly Space Hangout (WSH,) announced that it would be taking its first ever (and still dreaded!) HIATUS for the months of July and August. What began as a way for internet friends to fill the impending space-news-void by providing a place to discuss astronomy, space, science, and other items of interest (as well as enjoy the typical chit-chat among friends) has grown into the primary support organization for the WSH as well as numerous other astronomy streams and communities, such as:

As the Executive Producers for the Weekly Space Hangout, we are also responsible for scheduling special guests on the show, as well as managing our team of Early Career and Experienced Journalists.

As a community, members of the WSH Crew regularly chat with each other within our Slack Workspace, the CosmoQuest Discord, and/or our online Forum.

And you can always find us actively participating in the YouTube and Twitch chats during any of the live streams. To find out when our next stream is, just look at our list of Upcoming Streams to the right, or head over to our complete Stream Calendar.

If you are interested in joining the Crew, all you have to do is:

We look forward to having you join our community!

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