The WSH Crew goes Slack – 2020 Edition

For some time now, we have been trying out a new way of communication behind the scenes of the WSH Crew with Slack, a very powerful messaging and collaboration tool in the style of an IRC chat. Because a moderated Slack channel will be shown on screen in the Weekly Space Hangout and Astronomy Cast from now on, we would now like to invite all community members to the WSH Slack. Read More

Help NASA Choose Samples from Bennu!

NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex mission is asking the public to help find the best place on asteroid Bennu to collect a sample for return to Earth for study. You can help by visiting CosmoQuest and marking the locations of small rocks, boulders, and craters in high resolution images. In addition to finding safe places to grab a rock, your data will also help identify other scientifically interesting features on the asteroid. Read More

The WSH Crew Says Goodbye to Google+

As you may have heard, Google announced last year that its social network Google+, which we have called our primary home since the WSH Crew was formed back on June 26, 2014, will be closed in 2019. The original plans called for the so-called Sunsetting in August 2019, but on February 1, Google informed all Google+ users that all Google+ accounts and pages would be shut down on April 2, 2019, and all content would start to be deleted at that time. Read More