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The Weekly Space Hangout Viewer Map is Online!
1. November 2015

The Weekly Space Hangout and the other Universe Today and CosmoQuest hangouts have viewers from all over the world and it has become somewhat of a tradition to say hello in the Q&As during the live broadcasts mentioning the location you are watching from. We thought it would be a great idea to make a map of all the countries and cities the hangout viewers hail from and we already started the map with a few locations from the WSH Crew Team. But we are counting on more contributions from the whole WSH Crew Community, so here’s how it’s going to work:

To be included, post a comment in the G+ Community thread with your location and we will add it.
If you are concerned with privacy, pick a public location somewhere approximately near you.
The map will, of course, be anonymous – only the city name will be listed as a description.
The map will not be static, but regularly updated as long as new contributions come in!

»» Go to the Map Page (or click on the picture on the right)

Help Us Select the Stories Covered on the WSH!
20. October 2015

Note: this is a copy of the original Google+ post from +Jim Meeker.

We’re performing an experiment this week. As +Fraser Cain suggested in his earlier post we’re going to work together to pick the stories that get covered on the Weekly Space Hangout.

To keep track of all of this we’re using a web application called Trello. If you want to help us out by adding stories to the list and also by voting you’ll need to create a Trello account and send me your username so that I can give you access (Probably via Google Hangouts would be best/safest).

Once I’ve given you access you’ll be able to view all of the stories we’re tracking and vote on them. We’re going to send out a notice on Thursday asking everyone to go vote and Friday Fraser and his band of space journalists will pick the top stories based upon our voting.

Submit and Vote Wisely. Obviously, if someone submits “Khardashian Wedding/Divorce” stories and they win, we’re going to have to do something else (i.e. deleting stories or banning people).

Once You’re on the Trello Board you’ll see three lists. The far left one is the stories that we’re voting on for the upcoming episode. The middle one is stories that have already been covered on the WSH. The right one is full of helpful instructions and hints. In the Android and iOS apps, just swipe to the left to scroll horizontally to the other lists.

If you want to vote for a story click on the headline and a box will popup that shows you more information about the story and allows you to vote for it.

Some Google Chrome add-ons that you might want to try…

Add to Trello Submits stories to the Trello list similarly to how the “Add to Amazon Wishlist” button does. It makes submitting stories to the list much easier.

Ultimello allows you to sort the lists by number of votes received (and other criteria too).

Please remember this is an experiment at this point. We may change things around a bit once we’ve tried this and learned more about everything.

Quick Link to the WSH Voting board:

The WSH Crew Community Website is Live!
7. September 2015

Welcome to the WSH Crew Community Support Page!

This website is an addition to the WSH Crew Google+ Community, an awesome place about space, science and astronomy themed hangouts and related news of all sorts. We, the moderator team of the community, created this website to keep all the information we could not easily store in the community itself in one place. This is basically The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the WSH Crew Community and here are some quick notes:

• This website is read-only because we want to keep the conversation in the community.

• The hangout calendar, schedule list and main page are updated by us as timely as possible.

• We will rarely post news in this section, if there is something important we will post in the community.

• If you want to contact us, please do so on Google+ by writing in the community or in a privately shared post.

• Like the community, this website is still growing and will be expanded over time.

• You can now also follow us on Twitter at @wshcrew!

That is basically all that is to say for now – we’re looking forward to seeing you all over in the community!

Your WSH Crew Admins Nancy, Guido, Hugo, Silvan & Jim

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