2013 Hangoutathon

Due to online recording-length limitations, the 2013 Hangoutathon has been broken into multiple parts.

Part 1: Hour 1 through Hour 4

  • Welcoming Remarks; What is Citizen Science with Pamela Gay and Nicole Gugliucci
  • CQX Projects: MoonMappers
  • Musical Guest: The Jungle Fire
  • Spreading Science: Art and Outreach with Amy Davis Roth of Surly-Ramics
  • Craft4Science: Making Space Cloths, Part 1 – Prep with Kortney Hogan (Round 2 with working audio)
  • The Science of Craters and Why Citizen Science with Stuart Robbins and Irene Antonenko

Part 2: Hour 5 through Hour 8

  • Science on the HalfSphere: Cosmic Castaways with John Feldmeier and Patrick Durrell from the Ward Beecher Planetarium
  • CosmoAcademy with Matthew Francis and Ray Sanders
  • Astrogear T-Shirts and Merchandise!
  • Getting the Science from Spacecraft to You! with Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer
  • Enabling High School Meteor Hunters and More! with Gregory Sivakoff
  • Questions answered: What is CosmoQuest?
  • A Message from Bill Nye
  • Scott Maxwell, Mars Rover Driver, and Kimberly Lichtenberg, SAM Engineer

Part 3: Hour 9 through Hour 12

  • Out of the Box Education in the Educators Zone
  • Sci Fi Tropes: Traipsing Between Life-Supporting Planets with Scott Sigler, A Kovacs, and Seth Shostak
  • Craft4Science: Baking Planets with Pamela Gay
  • 356 Days of Astronomy: Space Stories Chocolate Zombies by Scott Sigler, read by Pamela Gay
  • Free Wifi on Mars, Severe Weather Warnings, and Organizations of CQX
  • Live Moon and Saturn from James McGhee
  • Hacking Space (Images) with Emily Lakdawalla and Kevin Grazer

Part 4: Hour 13 through Hour 16

  • Virtual Star Party Hosted by Fraser Cain, with Sabin Iacob, Michael A. Phillips, Gary Gonnella, Mike Jason, Andrew Dumbleton, and Ray Sanders
  • Video Shoutouts from Ian Musgrave and Carol Collins Peterson
  • Astronomers without Borders with Mike Simmons
  • Learning in the Laneway Sunday Spectacular – Citizen Science from Melbourne’s famous Laneways with Peter Lake
  • Taking CosmoQuest Mobile with Cory Lehan and Joe Moore

Part 5: Hour 17 through Hour 20

  • Astronomy Outreach with Abel Yang
  • Dark Skies Bright Kids with Brian Prager
  • Meteor Hunters
  • CQX Forums: On the front lines with Cranks with Kortney Hogan, Richard Drumm, and Michael Foerster
  • Astrogear Merchandize, Meteorites, Sunrises & more Comments
  • Death by Puppets! with special guest Rebecca Watson

Part 6: Hour 21 through Hour 24

  • CosmoQuest Community Hour with Ulysses Adkins, Andrew Planet, Robert Scott Herrick, and Dusty Reichwein
  • Darleen Cavalier of SciStarter and ScienceCheerleader
  • Donations, Budgets, and Co
  • Science4Craft Intro
  • Science4Craft: Making Space Shirts with Kortney Hogan & Pamela Gay
  • Spaceflight History with Amy Shira Teitel

Part 7: Hour 25 through Hour 28

  • Intro & Preparations
  • Science on the Halfsphere: Collecting the Sky with Patrick Durrell, John Feldmeier ,and Fraser Cain
  • Astronomy Cast Preparations
  • Astronomy Cast: Climate Change with special guest Minda Berbeco from the National Center for Science Education
  • Intro & Preparations
  • Combating Mis-Information with Media with Mat Kaplan and Fraser Cain
  • Getting your Science Costume on! Science in Unusual Places with Emily Finke, Andy Shaner, and Chuck the Squirrel

Part 8: Hour 29 through Hour 32

  • Intro & Preparations
  • How to Grow your Geek & Growing up Engaged in Science with Susie Murph and Keri Bean
  • Gravity Waves, Pulsars, and You with Ryan Lynch from McGill University
  • Meteorite Search and Discover (and knowing if you’re right) with Geoff Notkin
  • Losing the Dark at the Speed of Light with Constance Walker
  • Beyond the Wall: Trying to understand the weather of the Game of Thrones Universe with PG Holyfield and the cast of Beyond the Wall
  • The Final Game: Cards Against Astronomy with the whole team, Alessondra Springman, Michael Foerster