2014 Hangoutathon

Part 1: Hour 1 through Hour 6

  • Introduction and Welcome with Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci, and the CosmoQuest team
  • Let’s Do Science – Try out CosmoQuest
  • Let’s Make STUFF with “Tiny Intern” Lindsey Odom
  • CosmoAcademy with Dr. Matthew Francis
  • Unveiling of… CosmoQuest Explore with Georgia Bracey
  • Learning Planetary Science from FOOD
  • Leveraging Media Presence to Inspire Science Love with Phil Plait, Christina Ochoa, Tamara Krinsky, Taryn ONeill, and Kyle Hill
  • Terraluna – connecting Earth and Moon in the Classroom with Vicky Watkins and Robin Mieure

Part 2: Hour 7 through Hour 12

  • Things that begin with M: Doing Science with the Moon and Mercury with Stuart Robbins and Kelsi Singer
  • Announcing a new program under development: Mars Mappers
  • Education Theory and Practice with Sanlyn Buxner and Nancy Graziano
  • In-Vesta-Gate with Georgia Bracey
  • Hello World: When Meteors meet Earth with Geoff Notkin
  • Better Science through Design with Cia Romano
  • Games in Education with Chris Miller, Nathan Lowell, and Erin Moore
  • Let’s play Earth or Not Earth, and other apps
  • Mad Art and Science with Amy Davis Roth, Brian George, Lauren Lane, and Ryan Consell

Part 3: Hour 13 through Hour 18

  • Bedtime Story: Homeless Moon read by Pamela
  • Virtual Star Party with Fraser Cain, Scott Lewis, Gary Gonella, Stuart Forman, Michael A. Phillips, and Paul Stewart
  • Astronomy Cast Live: Saturn’s Rings with Morgan Rehnberg
  • Asian Amateur Astronomy with Peter Lake
  • Partnering: Strength in Numbers with Avivah Yamani and Peter Lake

Part 4: Hour 19 through Hour 24

  • Putting the E in STEM: MoonBots and Google Lunar XPRIZE with Anita Heward
  • Inspiring, Educating, and Exploring with Jayce Pearson and Peter Lake
  • AstroArt – Making STEAM with Daniela de Paulis
  • Space Scoop Live with Sarah Roberts
  • Exploration and Education with Laura Burns from the International Space University
  • Science on the Halfsphere – Planetarium Power! with John Feldmeier and Patrick Durrell

Part 5: Hour 25 through Hour 28

  • A Special Weekly Space Hangout with Fraser Cain, Morgan Rehnberg, and Susie Murph
  • Death by Puppets! with Maria Walters and Steve DeGroof
  • Science is Truly Everywhere with Donna Mugavero
  • The Universe IS TRYING TO KILL YOU with Fraser Cain and Phil Plait

BONUS: Hour 29

  • Live Broadcast from the Snow Telescope on Mt. Wilson with Mike Simmons

Part 6: Hour 30 through Hour 36

  • Putting the Science in Science Fiction with Scott Sigler, AB Kovacs, and Nathan Lowell
  • Exploring the Weird Worlds of Asteroids with Hannah Taquary
  • Construction Paper Moon by Michael J. DeLuca, read by Pamela Gay
  • How do I know I’m science-ing right? with Stuart Robbins
  • Taking on Asteroids with Planetary Resources with Chris Lewicki and Caitlin O’Keefe
  • Space Games: Kerbal Space Program for Beginners with Nicole Gugliucci and Cory Lehan
  • Cards Against Astronomy & Finale

BONUS Material