2015 Hangoutathon

Due to online recording-length limitations, the 2015 Hangoutathon has been broken into multiple parts.

Part 1: Hour 1 through Hour 8

  • Hour 1: Opening and CosmoQuest Mappers with Pamela Gay and Stuart Robbins
  • Hour 2: Mars Mappers with Edwin Kite
  • Hour 3: Galileo Teacher Training Program with Rosa Doran, Jose Gonzales, Thilina Heenatigala
  • Hour 4: Hubble’s 25th Anniversary – Reminiscing with Phil Plait and Sarah Willis
  • Hour 5: Learning Space with Nicole Gugliucci and Georgia Bracey
  • Hour 6: Urban Stargazing with Brian Ventrudo
  • Hour 7: Politics & Space / The Thirty Meter Telescope with Casey Dreier and Ramin Skibba
  • Hour 8: Predicting the Future with Alessondra Springmann and Morgan Rhenberg

Part 2: Hour 9 through Hour 13

  • Hour 9: Astrophotography with Geoff Simms
  • Hour 10: Dark Matter, Big Bang, and The LHC with Katie Mack
  • INTERMISSION: Trailer: Particle Fever
  • Hour 11: Music and Science Questions with Meri Amber
  • INTERMISSION: Video: Black Holes with Uncle Bob from Clean Coders
  • Hour 12: Bedtime Stories with Pamela Gay
  • INTERMISSION: Video: Kudos by Meri Amber
  • Hour 13: Handover from Pamela Gay to Fraser Cain

Part 2B: Hour 14 through

  • Hour 13 [continued]: Fraser Cain’s Introduction and Starizona
  • Hour 14: Weekly Space Hangout Introduction with Fraser Cain, Nancy Atkinson, Morgan Rhenberg, and Nicole Gugliucci
  • Hour 15: Asteroids and Meteroids with Hannah Tanquaray
  • Hour 16: Astronomy Cast, Episode 375: The Search for Life in the Solar System with Fraser Cain & Morgan Rhenberg, and Playing Kerbal Space Program
  • Hour 17: Astronomy Outreach with Alice Enevoldsen
  • Hour 18: WSH Crew Town Hall Meeting with Fraser Cain, Nancy Graziano, Jim Meeker, Tom Nathe, Matt Woods, and Lionel Ward

Part 3: Hours

  • Hour 19: The Square Kilometer Array with Peter Quinn
  • Hour 20: Virtual Guests and More Stories with Pamela Gay
  • INTERMISSION: Video: The Great Galaxy Debate with Uncle Bob from Clean Coders
  • Hour 20 [continued]: Virtual Guests and More Stories with Pamela Gay
  • Hour 21: Virtual Guests , More Stories, and Moon Mappers History with Pamela Gay
  • INTERMISSION: Video: CosmoQuest’s Moon Mappers by Stuart Robbins
  • Hour 21 [continued]: Moon Mappers and Mars Mappers with Pamela Gay
  • Hour 22: Exoplanets and Space Tourism with Charles Black
  • Hour 23: Exoplanets and Space Tourism with Charles Black [continued]
  • Hour 24; ALMA’s Greatest Hits with Charles Blue

Part 4: Hours

  • Hour 25: Astronomy without Borders with Mike Simmons and Lora Bleacher
  • Hour 26: Prove your World, Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassador with Dr. Brian Koberlein
  • Hour 27: CosmoAcademy with Dr. Matthew Francis
  • Hour 28: The Future of U.S. Manned Spaceflight with Greg Redfern
  • Hour 29: Meteorites and STEM Journals with Geoff Notkin and Alessondra Springmann
  • Hour 30: The Search for the First Stars with Brian Ventrudo
  • INTERMISSION: Video: Stellar Classification with Uncle Bob from Clean Coders
  • Hour 31: International Year of Light with Kimberly Arcand / Telescopes in Tanzania with Sue and Chuck Ruehle
  • INTERMISSION: Video: The History of the Earth with Uncle Bob from Clean Coders
  • Hour 32: Commercial Issues with Jim Plaxco

Part 5: Hours

  • Hour 33: Science on the Halfsphere with Pat Durrell and Annie Wilson
  • Hour 34: Kickstart Physics with Tom Gordon / Space Flight History with Amy Shira Teitel
  • INTERMISSION: Video: Wave Particle Duality with Uncle Bob from Clean Coders
  • Hour 35: Apollo History with Frank O’Brien
  • Hour 36: Viewing the Moon and Jupiter – Unfortunately Clouded Out! with David Dickinson
  • Hour 37: Donations Goal Met – Closing Festivities and Prizes Giveaway with Pamela Gay, David Dickinson, and Cory Lehan