Weekly Space Hangout: Bringing Exoplanets into Focus, Bit by Bit with Alex Madurowicz

Tonight's guest is Alexander Madurowicz, PhD candidate at Stanford University. Alex has developed an algorithm that reconstructs an exoplanet's surface using a single, annular image acquired by looking directly at the sun. Light from this ring is then undistorted by reversing its having been bent by the gravitational lens (i.e., our Sun,) which yields the Read More

Weekly Space Hangout: News Roundup!

Unfortunately, our guest for this week had to cancel due to an unexpected emergency. We will be rescheduling Amelia's interview during our new season which launches in September. In the meantime, we will be doing a News Roundup this week!

Weekly Space Hangout: CREW HaT: An Answer to Radiation Shielding? with NIAC 2022 Awardee Dr. Elena D’Onghia

As humanity dreams of exploring destinations both within our own solar system as well as those far beyond, the greatest challenge to be overcome is how to provide effective protection against the inevitable, prolonged exposure to lethal levels of radiation. We all know that Earth's strong magnetic field continually protects us. But can a sufficiently Read More

Weekly Space Hangout: Former NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver and Her New Memoir “Escaping Gravity”

This week we are honored to welcome former NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver to the Weekly Space Hangout. Her new memoir, "Escaping Gravity" (Diversion Books, June 21, 2022), offers a "first-hand account of how a handful of revolutionaries managed to outmaneuver the system of political patronage and bureaucracy that threatened the space agency and the Read More

Weekly Space Hangout: Focusing JWST with Lee Feinberg, Optical Telescope Manager

Since JWST launched in December, 2022, we have been holding our collective breath as it made its way to its final home at the L2 Lagrange point. Throughout its approximate month-long journey, JWST systematically worked through a complicated series of deployment and commissioning procedures, including the all-critical focusing and alignment of the telescope's 18 primary Read More

Astronomy Cast Episode 650: Did JWST Work?

Join Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay for a live episode of Astronomy Cast. We'll record our 30-minute show, and then stay tuned for them to answer questions!