Weekly Space Hangout: Astronomy for Equity with Mike Simmons

Nothing transcends human differences here on our tiny planet than sharing the wonders of the night sky. For 50 years, Mike Simmons has been sharing and spreading astronomy with the world, both locally and internationally. Tonight, Mike joins us to share his newest venture, Astronomy for Equity, as he continues his calling to share astronomy Read More

Weekly Space Hangout: The ATA Searches for Technosignatures with Dr. Sofia Sheikh from the SETI Institute

As we discover new exoplanets on an almost daily basis - particularly now that JWST is online - scientists are ramping up their research into identifying those planets that may exhibit traces of life (as we know it.) Scientists use spectrographs to examine the composition of these exoplanet atmospheres looking markers called technosignatures - trace Read More

Astronomy Cast Episode 660: Astro Gifts 2022

Join Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay for a live episode of Astronomy Cast. We'll record our 30-minute show, and then stay tuned for them to answer questions!

Weekly Space Hangout: Up, Up, & Away with Dr. Jacob Izraelevitz and JPL’s Venus Aerial Robotic Balloons

This week we are joined by Dr. Jacob Izraelevitz, Principal Investigator of the JPL project that is developing robotic balloons — currently called aerobots — that will eventually (hopefully) lead to successful exploration of Venus. In July, 2022, a one-third scale prototype aerobot successfully completed two test flights and achieved controlled flight at more than Read More