House Rules

There are very few House Rules for our awesome community, and we suspect most of them will fall under the common sense category. Fortunately, everyone in the Crew is amazing, and we have had no problems so far — and we anticipate things will continue on that way. However, since we continue to grow we have formally documented these rules so that all Crew Members are on the same page going forward.

1. SPAM is a No-No!

Post a SPAM message? It WILL be deleted, and you will be permanently removed/banned from the group without warning or second chance. THIS is your one and only warning.

2. Pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, etc., are also No-nos when presented as proposal or fact.

These topics may be posted for entertainment and/or honest debunking purposes. HOWEVER, if you post anything that seriously proposes pseudo-science, a conspiracy theory, etc., know that there will be consequences. Refer to Rule #3 for more information.

3. Treat each and every member of this community with RESPECT at all times.

This does not mean you need to agree with everyone’s views 100% of the time. Constructive discussion/banter/debate is welcome, and even encouraged. BUT, do so in a respectful, constructive, educational manner.

Taunting, name-calling, or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, and the following immediate action(s) will be taken by the moderators if such behavior is observed:

  • First Incident: The offensive post(s) shall be deleted. The member(s) will be contacted privately and asked to discontinue their inappropriate postings.
  • Second Incident: In addition to the removal of the offensive post(s), the member(s) shall be immediately removed from the community for a period of one week. After that week, if desired, the member(s) may ask to be readmitted to the community.
  • Third Incident: In addition to the removal of the offensive post(s) the member(s) shall be permanently banned from the community.

We expect that we will NEVER have to enforce any part of this particular rule.

4. Have a Problem? Contact a Mod/Admin.

On the off-chance that you have an issue with either a post and/or another Crew member, do NOT attempt to resolve the issue yourself, either publicly or in private. All too often things can escalate unnecessarily online. Contact one (or more) of the Admins privately with your concerns, and let us handle it for you.

That’s it!

Hopefully these are all fairly obvious and straightforward, but as always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc., feel free to contact one of us privately to discuss them.

Now let’s do some science!

The WSH Crew Admins