Dr. Alex Teachey

Alex Teachey is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at Columbia University in the Department of Astronomy. His work as an observer has taken him across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, having worked with radio, optical, near-infrared and gamma-ray data.

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Alex has lived in New York City for 16 years, and earned his bachelor’s in Physics at CUNY Hunter College. Prior to attending Columbia he worked as a researcher at the American Museum of Natural History, and at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in New Mexico, where he studied giant molecular clouds in the Milky Way.

These days his primary research focus is on the search for exomoons — moons in other planetary systems outside our Solar System. Most notably, in 2017 Alex led the first ever Hubble Space Telescope observation of a candidate exomoon system.

Alex is also a co-host of Astronomy on Tap New York City, a monthly public outreach event.

Alex’s website is alexteachey.com and be sure to follow him on Twitter – his handle is @alexteachey