Marie-Liis Aru

Marie-Liis (like Lise) Aru is an early-career astrophysicist from Estonia. Next to research, she loves to bring space exploration closer to people, and she shares physics explainers, her journey in science, and tips for students online.

With her background in physics, Marie-Liis earned her master’s degree in space sciences from University of Liège, Belgium. Following her studies, she was selected into a program for young graduates at the European Space Agency (ESA) in the Netherlands. At ESA, she carried out research in the Gaia mission’s science group for two years, focusing on rocky fragments that impact the space telescope at L2, a special gravitational balance point in space. Her international journey continues with a PhD as the next step.

You can learn more about Marie-Liis by visiting her website and following her on Twitter and Instagram.