Veranika Klimovich

Veranika Klimovich is a Space enthusiast living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Veranika graduated from the University of Bath in England as an Aerospace Engineer in 2017 and now works in IT, so her focus is on space technologies.

Veranika is a team member of GAIA Aeorospace, which is the central network of the NewSpace industry in Germany. The NewSpace industry encompasses all new space companies and start-ups that go beyond the spectrum of national space agencies and established major space companies. GAIA Aerospace organize space events in Germany, support young talents, maintains contacts with all the players in space travel and implement their own research and development space projects. To find more visit the Gaia Aerospace website.

Veranika also organizes local meetup groups on space related topics in and around Frankfurt in Germany. She is a true space fan and space enthusiast. Her goal is to make space more understandable and more accessible to the general public. This is why she is building up a local space community that anybody can — and should 🙂 — join from space beginners to experts. She wants to spread the word and help everyone to understand space and space related topics.

You can learn more about Veranika by visiting VeranikaSpace and following her on Twitter where her handle is VeranikaSpace.