Journalist Alumni

The Weekly Space Hangout has been privileged to work with a long list of amazing space and science journalists over the years. We hope you will continue to follow and support each of them.

Alan BoyleCosmic Log
Jolene CreightonFuturism
Casey DreierPlanetary Society Blog
Dr. Matthew FrancisBowler Hat Science
Galileo’s Pendulum
Dr. Nicole GugliucciNoisy Astronomer
Dr. Elizabeth HowellElizabeth Howell
Emily LakdawallaPlanetary Society Blog
Sarah MarquartFuturism
Dr. Ian O’NeillAstro Engine
Phil PlaitBad Astronomy
Ramin SkibbaRamin Skibba
Alessondra SpringmannSondy
Dr. Paul Matt SutterPaul M. Sutter
Ask A Spaceman
Amy Shira TeitelAmy Shira Teitel
Vintage Space
Brian WangNext Big Future