Weekly Space Hangout: November 9, 2022 – Untying an Early “Cosmic Knot” with Dr. Andrey Vayner

This week we are joined by Dr. Andrey Vayner, a member of a multinational team that has been studying SDSS J165202.64+172852.3, an “extremely red” QUASAR that dates back to the earliest days of the Universe, some 11.5 billion years ago. Using data collected by NIRSpec, JWST’s near infrared spectrograph, the team has been able to confirm the presence of not just one, but three, companion galaxies of the QUASAR that are actively in the process of merging. Read More

Weekly Space Hangout: April 27, 2022 — Catching Up With Dr. Paul M. Sutter (aka “The Spaceman”)

If you are a long-time viewer of the Weekly Space Hangout, then Dr. Paul Sutter is no stranger to you at all. For several years, he was one of our on-air journalists (along with Dr. Kimberly Cartier and Dr. Morgan Rehnberg.) Since leaving the WSH fold, Paul has continued to be one of the busiest people around. Tonight we are excited to welcome Paul back to the show (even if it is for only one night) so he can bring us all up to date with everything he has been doing – as well as hopefully share a few exciting things he has planned. Read More