Weekly Space Hangout: 22-DEC-2021 – Cleaning Up Earth’s Space Debris with Dr. Jake Abbott

This week we are excited to welcome Dr. Jake Abbott, director of the Telerobotics Laboratory at the University of Utah to the WSH. The proliferation of Space Debris has become an increasingly alarming reality. In fact, as recently as December 3, 2021, “The International Space Station (ISS) had to swerve away from a fragment of a U.S. launch vehicle” (source: https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/science/international-space-station-swerves-dodge-space-junk-2021-12-03/). In a paper published in November 2021 in the science journal Nature , Jake and his research team have proposed a new method of dealing with the debris: using a series of spinning magnets to move these objects. Read More