Weekly Space Hangout: November 16, 2022 – Up, Up, & Away with Dr. Jacob Izraelevitz and JPL’s Venus Aerial Robotic Balloons

This week we are joined by Dr. Jacob Izraelevitz, Principal Investigator of the JPL project that is developing robotic balloons — currently called aerobots — that will eventually (hopefully) lead to successful exploration of Venus. In July, 2022, a one-third scale prototype aerobot successfully completed two test flights and achieved controlled flight at more than 4000 feet. Read More

Weekly Space Hangout: November 2, 2022 – Revisiting Apollo Photographically with Andy Saunders, Author of Apollo Remastered

This week we are airing our prerecorded interview with Andy Saunders, the author and creative force behind the new book Apollo Remastered. Andy used his talent and expertise to digitally remaster and restore the original flight film from America’s first missions to the Moon. Universe Today’s own Nancy Atkinson (who is also a WSH alumna,) interviewed Andy this past month, and as a special treat, Nancy is joining us tonight as well. Read More

Weekly Space Hangout: September 21, 2022 — Milky Way “Autobiographer” Dr. Moiya McTier

This week we are super excited to welcome Dr. Moiya McTier to the Weekly Space Hangout – this time as our special guest! In 2019, Moiya joined the Weekly Space Hangout as one of our first Early Career Journalists, and in April, 2021, she extended our WSH tradition of producing PhDs. On August 16th, Moiya’s “autobiographical” book, The Milky Way, was published, and this week she is here to tell us all about it. Read More