Weekly Space Hangout: The ATA Searches for Technosignatures with Dr. Sofia Sheikh from the SETI Institute

As we discover new exoplanets on an almost daily basis – particularly now that JWST is online – scientists are ramping up their research into identifying those planets that may exhibit traces of life (as we know it.) Scientists use spectrographs to examine the composition of these exoplanet atmospheres looking markers called technosignatures – trace elements that may be indicative of life. What constitutes a technosignature? Does the presence of one or more technosignatures mean that an exoplanet is a strong candidate for hosting life? Can atmospheric markers not included in our current list of technosignatures still be indicative of life, just not as we know it? This week, we welcome Dr. Sofia Sheikh from the SETI Institute (https://www.seti.org/) to discuss how the ATA is playing an instrumental role in this research.