The Slack Community

Since early 2017, the WSH Crew has been using Slack as our primary, day-to-day means of sharing stories, upcoming events, discussing our favorite books and tv shows, and just plain old chit-chat. Think of it as a group of friends sitting down at the kitchen table discussing anything and (almost) everything – only this kitchen table encompasses the world!

We even have two dedicated, moderated Slack channels that are streamed live, on-screen during the Weekly Space Hangout and Astronomy Cast.

How to Join the WSH Crew Slack Community

Joining the Slack is easy! Just send an email to to receive an invitation with all further details.

We vet each applicant to avoid spammers and trolls. For this reason we ask everyone
to include the Google+ profile you have joined the community with OR
your YouTube or Twitch handle in your request.

The same house rules as in the community also apply in the Slack chat. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Slack or via email!