Guest Index

This is a list of all the guests who have appeared on the Weekly Space Hangout with links to the shows they appeared in and their websites and social media accounts. For a chronological list of the shows, check the Schedule or the Youtube Playlist.

Pat Ammons 11-NOV-2016Space Camp
Mathew Anderson 23-DEC-2016Mathew Anderson
Nancy Atkinson 30-DEC-2016Nancy Atkinson
Konstantin Batygin 20-MAY-2016Caltech Profile
Lee Billings 20-MAR-2015Lee Billings
Charles Black 20-FEB-2015Sen
Alice Bowman 11-SEP-2015New Horizons
Mike Brown 20-MAY-2016Mike Brown’s Planets
Kimberly Cartier 27-JAN-2017EOS Profile
Carolyn Collins Petersen 11-DEC-2015The Spacewriter
Nic DiPalma 10-MAR-2017Spacetime Lab
Nic DiPalma
Dan Dixon 16-SEP-2016
Dan Dixon
Universe Sandbox
Miguel Drake-McLaughlin 20-NOV-2015
Sky Line
Tyler Finlay 14-OCT-2016Sally Ride EarthKAM
Stephen Fowler 05-JUN-2015InfoAge
Christer Fuglesang 13-MAY-2016ESA Profile
Ron Garan 06-FEB-2015Ron Garan
Paul Geithner 07-OCT-2016
JWST Profile
Paul Gilster 13-FEB-2015Centauri Dreams
Dr. Matthew Golombek 23-OCT-2015
JPL Profile
Dr. Or Graur 05-FEB-2016New York University Profile
Dr. James Green 24-JUN-2016NASA Profile
Ryan Hamilton 25-MAR-2016Ryan T. Hamilton
Abigail Harrison 06-JAN-2017Astronaut Abby
Prof. Coel Hellier 01-MAY-2015Keele University Profile
Coel’s Blog
Dr. L. Andrew Helton 25-MAR-2016SOFIA Science Center
Paul Hildebrandt 30-JAN-2015Fight for Space
Dr. Steve B. Howell 15-JAN-2016NASA Profile
Dr. Mark G. Jackson 04-DEC-2015Mark G. Jackson
Bob King 11-NOV-2016Astro Bob
Dr. Brian Koberlein 12-June-2015Brian Koberlein
Ken Kremer 31-OCT-2014Ken Kremer
Emily Lakdawalla 11-SEP-2015Planetary Society Profile
Dr. Michael Landry 17-JUN-2016LIGO Hanford WA
Bas Lansdorp 24-MAR-2015Mars One Profile
Yoav Landsman 30-OCT-2015SpaceIL
Brian Levine 08-MAY-2015Astronomy on Tap
Katie Mack 13-MAR-2015Katie Mack
Samuel Mason 17-FEB-2017Tesla Science Foundation
Mike Massimino 06-NOV-2015
Mike Massimino
Intrepid Museum
Chris McKay 10-JUN-2016NASA Profile
Dr. Sarah M. Milkovich 11-MAR-2016Mars 2020 Rover
Dr. Bradley M. Peterson 29-MAY-2015STScI Profile
Derrick Pitts 28-OCT-2016Franklin Institute Profile
Dr. Carolyn Porco 16-OCT-2015Carolyn Porco
Michael Prokosch 12-JUN-2015Astronomy in Chile Ambassadors Program
Dr. Meredith L. Rawls 03-FEB-2017AstronoMerrdiff
Professional Profile
Dean Regas 25-NOV-2016
Cincinnati Observatory Profile
Paul Reichert 06-MAY-2016LinkedIn Profile
Emily Rice 08-MAY-2015Professional Profile
Astronomy on Tap
Dr. Michael Richmond 29-APR-2016Professional Profile
Stuart Robbins 22-JAN-2016Stuart Robbins
Exposing Pseudo Science
Rebecca Roth 19-FEB-2016Rebecca Roth
Goddard Space Flight Center
Maggie Scholtz 25-SEP-2015Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr. Sara Seager 18-SEP-2015MIT Profile
Dr. Voula Saridakis 21-OCT-2016Professional Profile
Dr. Jennifer Seiler 16-SEP-2016Jennifer Seiler
Elizabeth S. Sexton-Kennedy 08-JAN-2016Professional Profile
Dr. Seth Shostak 27-MAY-2016
SETI Profile
Big Picture Science
Mike Simmons 22-APR-2016
Astronomers without Borders
Tim Spuck 12-JUN-2015Astronomy in Chile Ambassadors Program
Kai Staats 17-JUN-2016Kai Staats
Dr. Alan Stern 16-FEB-2012
Alan Stern
New Horizons
Daniel Stern 13-NOV-15JPL Profile
Dr. Paul Matt Sutter 26-JUL-2015
Paul M. Sutter
Dr. Rhys Taylor 22-MAY-2015Rhysy
Amy Shira Teitel 17-APR-2015
Amy Shira Teitel
Vintage Space
Dr. Michelle Thaller 04-MAR-2016NASA Profile
Dr. Frank Timmes 23-SEP-2016ASU Page
Dr. Howard Trottier 15-APR-2016Professional Profile
Trottier’s SFU High Energy Crib
Andy Weir 09-JAN-2015
Andy Weir
Vivian White 12-JUN-2015My Head is in the Stars
Astronomy in Chile Ambassadors Program
Dr. Jason Wright 18-NOV-2016AstroWright